Remotely Controlling a Transceiver over the Internet using a Remote Desktop Application

de Rich W3ZJ

You can remotely access DXLab running on the computer in your radio shack by installing a remote desktop application like TeamViewer or the one included with the Pro versions of Windows on your remote computer. A Voice over IP (VOIP) application like Skype can be used to provide the remote computer with the ability to convey and play audio for phone and digital mode operation. This approach works well as long as you have a fast broadband Internet connection both at home and at your remote location.


de Dan KC2STA

While using Team Viewer, for audio I use RemAud, as it is designed for Ham use.


de Rich VE3KI

There are many remote desktop applications available. One I can recommend is called AnyDesk, which is free for personal use. Some remote desktop applications (certainly AnyDesk, and I am fairly sure TeamViewer), can transfer received audio as well, eliminating the need for a separate VoIP application like Skype or RemAud for CW or for SWLing. For SSB, I believe you will still need a separate audio connection for your microphone audio. For digital modes, you don't need to transfer audio over the Internet at all, since the digital mode software (WinWarbler, WSJT-X, etc.) is at the radio site and controlled using remote desktop software. If you have other computer-controllable equipment at the radio site (rotator, antenna switch, amplifier, etc.) you can also control that equipment using the same remote desktop connection. The main things you will miss using this method are a tuning knob and CW paddles.

Remotely Controlling a Transceiver over the Internet

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