Recovering From an Erroneously Quarantined or Deleted Executable File

If your anti-malware application erroneously quarantined or deleted your DXLab application's executable file (a file with an extension of .exe, like DXKeeper.exe or WinWarbler.exe),

If your anti-malware application erroneously quarantined your DXLab application's executable file, direct it to restore that application. If you don't know now to do that, contact the supplier of your anti-malware application.

If your anti-malware application erroneously deleted your DXLab application's executable file, you can re-create it; using DXView as an example,

  1. configure your anti-malware application to consider the DXLab application to be "safe"; otherwise, your anti-malware application may delete the re-created file
  2. use Windows Explorer to navigate to your DXLab application's folder: C:\DXLab\DXView

  3. make a copy of the the most recent executable version: DXView464.exe

  4. rename the copy DXView.exe

If your anti-malware application routinely reports false positives, either switch to one of higher quality, or configure it to consider each of your DXLab applications to be "safe" so you won't have to do this again!

If You Deleted the Damaged DXLab Application's Folder

If you deleted a DXLab application's folder without first directing Windows to uninstall it, you will have placed Windows in an inconsistent state. If the deleted folder is still present in the Windows Recycle Bin, you can recover by directing Windows to restore the deleted folder. Otherwise, you have two bad choices:

  1. direct a "Registry Cleaner" application to remove all traces of the deleted DXLab application, and then direct Windows to install the deleted DXLab application; this may or may not work, and may or may not irreparably damage the Windows Registry
  2. backup all of your files (Log, Workspace, documents, photos, application installers, device drivers), erase your C: drive, re-install Windows, re-install your applications, and recover your backed-up files

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