Generating Award Progress Reports

To generate progress reports, open the Main window's Check Progress tab; the panels across the bottom enable you to generate reports at the click of a button:

Reports are placed in files in DXKeeper's Reports sub-folder. If the report's format is text, then DXKeeper will automatically display the report for you using Windows' default text file viewer, which is usually Notepad. Reports generated in HTML format are displayed using your default Web Browser.

These reports consider only QSOs present in the Main window's Log Page Display, so can generate band-specific and/or mode-specific progress reports by appropriately filtering the Log Page Display; the filter will be noted in the report's header. If you want all logged QSOs considered in your report, first remove any filtering by clicking the X button in the Filter panel on the Main window's Log QSOs tab.

Progress reports can also be generated from within Scripts by using the Report command.

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