Exporting QSOs

To export all QSOs from the Log Page Display to an ADIF file,

  1. Select the Main window's Export QSOs tab

  2. in the Options panel,

    1. clear all boxes that aren't empty
    2. click the Export standard ADIF button

  3. click the Start button in the window's lower-left corner; a standard Windows file selector window name ADIF EXport will appear

  4. use the ADIF Export window to specify the name of the file into which ADIF records should be written; when you click it's Save button, DXKeeper will export all QSOs in your Log Page Display to the file.

If you Filter the Log Page Display before exporting, then only QSOs present in the Log Page Display will be exported.

Importing and Exporting ADIF Modes and Submodes

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