Pursuing Unworked and Unconfirmed Entity-Band-Modes

tnx to Bill W9OL and Iain N6ML

Though there are no formal awards for confirming every DXCC entity on every combination of band and mode - a pursuit referred to by Bill W9OL as the Quixote Quest - you can filter the Spot Database Display to show only active stations with whom a confirmed QSO would advance your progress towards this objective:

  1. in the Controls panel on the Configuration window's Spot Database tab, check the Maintain DXCC entity-band-mode fields box; note that this will increase SpotCollector's consumption of CPU and memory resources

  2. in the Recomputation panel on the Configuration window's Spot Database tab, click the Recompute button, and wait for the Recomputation process to complete

  3. define an SQL filter that specifies this expression:

(BandSought='Y') and (ModeSought='Y') and ((BandModeProgress='U') or ((BandModeProgress='W') and (BandModeWorked<>'Y')))

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