Printing Self-Addressed Addresses on Envelopes

  1. on the Envelopes tab of DXKeeper's QSL Configuration window,

    1. specify your address in the return address section, as illustrated here

    2. in the Self-addressed Envelope panel,

      • specify the address top offset, in inches
      • specify the address left offset, in inches
      • specify the font, font size, and font color to be use to print each return address
      • if you want Airmail, Par Avion printed on your self-addressed envelopes, check the airmail indicator box

    1. in the Printer Orientation panel, select the correct orientation for your printer when printing envelopes

  2. in the QSL labels and address labels panel on the Printer tab of DXKeeper's QSL Configuration window,

    1. set the Printer selector to select the printer to be used to print your self-addressed labels

    2. set the Size selector to the size appropriate for your envelopes

    3. set the Print Quality panel to the desired print quality

  3. in the Self-addr envel panel on the Main window's QSL tab

    1. set the batch size to the number of envelopes you wish to print

    2. click the Print button

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