Dealing with Premature Synchronization

If you log QSOs using a logging application other than DXKeeper - like a contest logger - and direct DXKeeper to Sync QSLs before DXKeeper has imported those QSOs, no matching QSO found in log errors may be reported because the QSOs reported as confirmed by are not yet present in your log.

To correct this,

  1. export the QSOs from the application in which they were logged to an ADIF file
  2. direct DXKeeper to import the ADIF file created in step 1
  3. on the Main window's QSL tab,

    1. set the QSL Via panel to

    2. double-click the date beneath the Sync QSLs button

    3. in the eQSL QSL Synchronization window, specify the date and time at which the first QSO was logged in the other application, and click the OK button

    4. click the Sync eQSL.ccc QSLs button

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