Operating in Phone

Setting up for Phone Operation

  1. Setup the Transceiver-to-Soundcard Audio connection and select the soundcard used for transmission

  2. Setup the Transceiver-to-PC PTT (reception-transmission switching) connection

  3. Configure WinWarbler for Phone Operation

  4. Configure your transceiver
    1. set your transceiver frequency to an open Phone band
    2. if Commander isn't running, set your transceiver's mode to USB or LSB as is appropriate for the frequency

  5. record one or more .wav files containing phrases to be transmitted (e.g "CQ CQ CQ de AA6YQ, AA6YQ, AA6YQ"), and setup a macro to play each file

  6. Set the Audio Output Level for phone operation

Main window in Phone Mode

Operating in Phone

Click the Phone button in the Main window's Operating Mode panel.

To transmit, click a macro button that you've setup to play a .wav file. Your transceiver should switch from reception to transmission, the contents of the .wav file should be played, and your transceiver should switch from transmission to back to reception.

Additional Information

Operating in CW, Phone, PSK, and RTTY

Getting Started with DXLab

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