Displaying Needed DX Stations Heard by a Skimmer

de Björn SM7IUN

I have a CW Skimmer running at my QTH that uploads to the Remote Beacon Network (RBN), to which SpotCollector is connected as a spot source. I also connect SpotCollector to the RBN Aggregator's local port for an unfiltered and more immediate view of activity. By not waiting for the RBN or a telnet cluster node to report DX stations decoded by my Skimmer, I can gain up to a half minute advantage, which is very valuable for a modest station like mine.

Since "you can't work them if you can't hear them", I've created a special view in SpotCollector showing only the "needed" spots that are actually heard by my own Skimmer. This view employs the Spot Database's Cumulative field, so you must

  1. on the Configuration window's Spot Database tab, check the Controls panel's Record individual spot information box

  2. on the Configuration window's General tab, uncheck the Ignore empty spot notes box

With SpotCollector configured to use your RBN Aggregator's local port as a spot source,

(Cumulative like '*: ## dB ## WPM*' or Cumulative like '*: # dB ## WPM*') and <agefilter>

(Cumulative like '*: ## dB ## WPM*'  or Cumulative like '*: # dB ## WPM*') and <agefilter> and <needfilter>

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