Manually Linking DXCC Credits

DXKeeper's AutoLink function will automatically link DXCC Credits with logged QSOs that exactly match each other's DXCC entity, Band, Mode, Callsign, and QSO Begin date. DXKeeper provides several facilities that enable you to manually link DXCC Credits with logged QSOs when

These facilities are provided on the DXCC Credits Granted window, which you can display by clicking the Credits button in the DXCC, Challenge, & TopList panel on the Main window's Check Progress tab:

  1. the Selected QSO panel, which displays items from the QSO currently selected on the Main window's Log QSOs tab

  2. the Selected DXCC Credit panel, which displays items from the currently selected DXCC Credit

  3. the DXCC Credit Display, a table whose rows depict some or all of your DXCC Credits, subject to filtering by the DXCC Credit Filter panel

  4. the DXCC Credit Filter panel, which enables you to filter the DXCC Credit Display by

    • DXCC entity prefix
    • Band
    • Mode
    • Credit Callsign (callsign specified in the DXCC Credit; strike the Enter key after typing in a callsign)

    • QSO Callsign (callsign of the logged QSO to which the DXCC Credit is linked; strike the Enter key after typing in a callsign)

    • Duplicate status (via the Dup checkbox)

    • Link status (via the Link to QSO panel)

      • None: not linked
      • Exact: links with exact matches
      • Minor: links with minor mismatches (Callsign, Begin time)
      • Major: links with major mismatches (Band, Mode)

If possible, arrange your screen so that the DXCC Credits Granted window and the Log QSOs tab of DXKeeper's Main window are both visible.

The basic workflow is to

  1. select an unlinked DXCC Credit that isn't a duplicate

  2. select the logged QSO to which that DXCC Credit should be linked
  3. link the selected DXCC Credit to the selected QSO

Selecting an Unlinked DXCC Credit

Any entry in the DXCC Credit Display that is not currently linked (its four QSO items Band, Mode, Callsign, Begin time are empty) and whose Dup box is unchecked can be linked to a logged QSO. Clicking on such an entry in the DXCC Credit Display will select that DXCC Credit, displaying its items in the Selected DXCC Credit panel.

When you select a DXCC Credit, the Selected DXCC Credit panel's caption will indicate whether or not the selected DXCC Credit is already linked to a QSO.

If your DXCC Credit Display contains a lot of already-linked DXCC Credits, you can more rapidly locate unlinked DXCC Credits by

  1. unchecking all but the None box in the DXCC Credit Filter panel's Link to QSO subpanel.

  2. unchecking the Yes box and checking the No box in the DXCC Credit Filter panel's Dup subpanel.

This will hide all entries in the DXCC Credit Display that aren't unlinked and not duplicates.

To clear the DXCC Credit Filter so that all DXCC Credits are again displayed, click its All button.

Selecting a logged QSO

Clicking on a logged QSO in the Log Page Display on the Log QSOs tab of DXKeeper Main window will place selected items of that QSO in the DXCC Credits Granted window's Selected QSO panel. When a logged QSO is so selected, DXKeeper

To locate the appropriate logged QSO, you can filter the Log Page Display, but the DXCC Credit Granted window's Select DXCC Credit panel provides functions that accelerate this process:

If after invoking one of the above filtering options the Log Page Display contains more than one QSO, click on the one you wish to link to the selected DXCC Credit

Linking the Selected DXCC Credit to the Selected QSO

If the Selected QSO and Selected DXCC Credit panels specify the same DXCC prefix and neither is already linked, a Link button will be present in the Selected QSO . Clicking this Link button will

If the DXCC Credit Filter panel's Link to QSO subpanel is set to hide linked DXCC Credits, then clicking the Link button will cause the DXCC Credit to no longer appear in the DXCC Credit Display.

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