Determining when an LoTW Callsign Certificate will Expire

Callsign Certificates are valid for 3 years. To determine when one of your Callsign Certificates will expire,

  1. Start TQSL and select the Callsign Certificates tab, which lists your Callsign Certificates.

  2. In the Callsign Certificates tab, click on the Callsign Certificate whose expiration date you seek
  3. click the Display the callsign certificate properties button; a Certificate Properties window will display the Certificate's expiration date.

On startup, DXKeeper directs TQSL to report any of your Callsign Certificates that will expire within the next 60 days. You will also receive an email notification from the ARRL a few weeks before one of your Callsign Certificate expires.

Renewing a Callsign Certificate

QSLing with Logbook of the World



Getting Started with DXLab

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