Logging From More Than One Computer

You can install DXKeeper on more than one computer, and have each installed instance reference the same log file either hosted where all computers can access it via a local area network, or hosted on a free cloud service like DropBox or OneDrive or Google Drive, but you must obey this rule:

At any point in time, only one instance of DXKeeper may be running.

So if you have four computers named A, B, C, and D, and wish to stop logging QSOs on computer A and begin logging QSOs on computer B,

  1. DXKeeper should not be running on computers B, C, or D
  2. terminate DXKeeper on computer A
  3. start DXKeeper on computer B

Adhering to this rule is easily accomplished by always terminating DXKeeper at the completion of an operating session. Then the next operating session can be initiated on any computer by starting DXKeeper there.

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