Getting Started with Leaderboard Award Tracking

In a Leaderboard competition, the objective is to work a particular callsign -- usually a DXPedition -- in as many slots as possible, where a slot is a band-mode combination. Considering all of the bands between 160m and 2m except 60m, and considering the CW, Phone, and Digital modes, there are a total of 33 possible slots -- but not all DXPeditions are QRV on all 11 bands, or in all 3 modes. Many DXPeditions host their leaderboard competitions on Club Log.

SpotCollector considers as needed any active callsign present on its Special Callsign List with a Leaderboard tag for which their is no logged (in DXKeeper's currently-open log) QSO on the spotted band in the spotted mode. The Need column in the Spot Database Entry for such a callsign will contain the letter L, meaning needed for a Leaderboard competition.

If you'll be participating in Leaderboard competitions, then on the Audio tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window, check the Announce special callsigns box in the Audio Alarm panel .

To pursue a specific callsign in a Leaderboard competition, add that callsign to SpotCollector's Special Callsign List with the tag Leaderboard by following these steps:

  1. select the Special Callsigns tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window

  2. in the Special Callsign List panel,

    1. if necessary, scroll the Special Callsign List so that its last row is visible; this row contains an asterisk in its left-most column

    2. type the callsign into the Callsign column of the last row of the Special Callsign List; this will create a new row with a pencil icon in it's left-most column

    3. type Leaderboard into the Tag List column of the newly-created row of the Special Callsign List

    4. strike the Enter key

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