Using an LDG Electronics YT-450 Tuner

As described in the YT-F450 Operations manual, the YT-450 is 100-watt automatic tuner for the Yaesu FT-450 and FT-950 transceivers that can interact with the transceiver via CAT commands:

"The YT-450 connects to the CAT (Computer Automated Transceiver) port on the back of the radio. The CAT interface allows an external device such as a PC or the YT-450 to control the FT-450/950 by sending it serial commands. The YT-450 takes advantage of this interface to simplify the tuning process -- one button push is all that is needed in order to switch the radio to AM mode, reduce output power, transmit a carrier, measure the transmit frequency, and then restore the radio to its previous mode and power level! Additionally, the YT-450 also draws power directly from the radio, so no extra cable is needed."

To use the YT-450 with Commander controlling your FT-450 and FT-950,

1. connect your PC's serial port to the YT-450 and your transceiver as described on page 16 of the YT-450 Operations manual.

2. configure your transceiver's CAT baud rate to 38,400

3. on the Ports tab of Commander's Configuration window, set the Primary CAT Serial Port panel's Baud selector to 38400.

4. on the General tab of Commander's Configuration window, set the Radio panel's Command interval to 250. Any value lower than this will prevent the YT-450 from sending commands to your transceiver.

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