Including US States in Spot Database Entries

To include the US State in the Spot Database Entry for stations in the United States,

  1. Direct DXView to install the USAP database, which will enable SpotCollector to determine the US State of each callsign issued by the Federal Communications Commission

  2. on the General tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window, check the Lookup missing location info box

  3. add the Primary field to the Spot Database Display

  4. on the Spot Database tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window, click the Recomputation panel's Recomp button

If you are pursing the WAS award, you can enable Realtime Award Tracking, which can identify and announce active stations with whom a QSO would advance your award progress.

You can filter the Spot Database Display to show stations in specific states by referencing the Primary field in an SQL filter, e.g.

(DXCCPrefix='K') and (Primary in ('MN','VT'))

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