Interoperating with Green Heron Everywhere

de Dwight NS9I

My station utilizes the Green Heron Everywhere Wireless Base and Remotes to switch between all my antennas, incuding the receive antennas. In addition I use the Green Heron RT-21 rotator control for my Tailtwister rotator.

I use the N1MM+ Rotor application with DXLab for seamless, full integration with Green Heron Everywhere. To achieve this,

  1. on the General tab of Commander's Configuration window, click the NetServ button to display Commander's Network Services window

  2. in the UDP Network Services panel on Commander's Network Services window,

    1. set UDP #1's IP address to

    2. set UDP #1's port to 13040

    3. set UDP #2's IP address to

    4. set UDP #2's port 13020

    5. check the Enable box

  3. On the Rotator Control tab of DXView's Configuration window

    1. in the Model panel, select N1MM Current

    2. in the N1MM Rotator Selection by Band panel

      1. check the Enable box

      2. assign the rotator's COM port to each band whose antenna position is controlled by the rotator
  4. In the N1MM+ Rotor application, invoke the Tools menu's Setup Rotors command to display the Setup Rotor window

    1. specify the rotator model in the selector for the COM port that controls it
    2. name the rotator GHE

  5. In the Green Heron Everywhere Client window under Software Control/N1MM Setup

    1. set the Radio port to 13040
    2. set the Rotor to 13020
    3. check the VFO-A/Radio 1 box

If in step 2e Commander reports that port 13040 or port 13020 is already in use, then choose a different port, and then adjust the ports specified in step 5 accordingly.

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