Error Logs: What to do when a DXLab Application's Main window's Title Bar Displays "See ErrorLog in"

All DXLab applications contain a mechanism that on detecting erroneous operation

  1. records timestamped details in an errorlog.txt file in that application's folder
  2. alerts the operator to the presence of the errorlog.txt file by placing a see X errorlog message in the title bar of the application's Main window, where X is the name of the application

  3. attempts to gracefully return to normal operation

DXLab applications also contain a Log Debugging Info checkbox on their Config window's General tab. When this box is checked, the application immediately begins logging diagnostic information to its errorlog.txt file -- and alerts the user via the Main window title bar that an errorlog.txt file is present. This diagnostic information allows the author to determine what's going on when a user runs into trouble. Resolving some problems requires the author to capture additional diagnostic information in a "private release" for the afflicted user to run. Once the problem is solved, these problem-specific diagnostics are generally removed.

A DXLab application will append new entries to an existing errorlog.txt file found in its folder; it never deletes the existing file.

Unless you've checked an application's Log Debugging Info box, it should never produce an errorlog.txt file. If it does, please attach the errorlog.txt file to an email message to the author via ; no pre-approval is required. If your email application contends that the attached file is "too large", place the errorlog.txt file into a zip archive, and attach the zip archive to the email message. After the situation is resolved, you should delete the errorlog.txt file.

Errorlog.txt files are are not intended for user review, as they are terse and undocumented. However, for those wishing to peruse their errorlog.txt files, entries caused by defects are always preceded by the words program error; diagnostic entries lack this prefix.

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