Updating logged QSOs to reflect their confirmation via eQSL.cc

The process of updating logged QSOs to reflect their confirmation via eQSL is referred to as synchronizing QSLs. You can synchronize after Uploading QSOs to eQSL.cc, which will have matched your uploaded QSOs with those uploaded by your QSO partners to produce new QSLs. Your QSO partners may upload QSOs that match QSOs you've already uploaded, so its also a good idea to synchronize QSLs weekly even if you haven't uploaded new QSOs.

  1. open the Main window's QSL tab

  2. set the QSL via panel to eQSL.cc -- if eQSL.cc is disabled (greyed-out), the QSL Queue already contains QSOs and must be cleared before you can proceed (either by completing the operation that populated the QSL Queue, or by clicking the Clear button)

  3. click the Sync eQSL.cc QSLs button -- this will

    1. direct eQSL.cc to download any new QSLs that have been created since you last clicked the Sync eQSL.cc QSLs button

    2. set each newly-confirmed QSO's eQSL_QSL_RCVD item to Y

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