Downloading DXCC Credits

  1. If you haven't yet determined your DXCC account number and configured DXKeeper accordingly, do so

  2. On the Main window's Check Progress tab, click the DXCC, Challenge, & TopList panel's Credits button to display the DXCC Credits Granted window

  3. In the DXCC Credits Granted window, click the Download button along the bottom

DXKeeper will download your DXCC Credits from the ARRL's web site; at the completion of this operation -- whose duration depends on the number of DXCC Credits downloaded -- DXKeeper will display a report showing

Download operation initiated at 2011-11-01 05:58:52
Download operation completed at 2011-11-01 06:35:10

DXCC credits granted (Card)                                 2949
DXCC credits granted (LotW)                                  112
DXCC credits granted (Card + LotW)                          3061

LotW confirmations not submitted                              11

Previously downloaded DXCC credits                             0
Previously downloaded DXCC credits updated                     0
Previously downloaded DXCC credits unchanged                   0

New DXCC credits granted since last download (Card)         2949
New DXCC credits granted since last download (LotW)          112
New DXCC credits granted since last download (Card + LotW)  3061

DXCC credits not downloaded due to error                       0

The date of last download is shown in the DXCC Credits Granted window's lower-left corner.

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