Tracking DXCC Award Progress

The ARRL DXCC award program grants credit for QSOs made with a defined set of DXCC entities.


  1. Specify your DXCC Objectives

  2. If the Automatically recompute realtime award tracking box is not checked the top of the Configuration window's Awards tab,

    1. check the Automatically recompute realtime award tracking box

    2. at the bottom of the Main window's Check Progress tab, click the Recompute button

Checking Progress

  1. On the Main window's Log QSOs tab, click the RAT button to display DXKeeper's Realtime Award Tracking window

  2. In the Realtime Award Tracking window, select the DXCC tab

The Award Progress panel on the DXCC tab provides a scrollable table with a row for each DXCC entity and a column for each award category: Entity (Mixed), Phone, CW, RTTY, and the bands from 160m to 2m. The code in each table cell contains a code that indicates your award progress for its DXCC entity and award category:

The Award Progress Filter panel lets you home in on specific DXCC entities. If you click this pane's All button, it displays a row for each of the 401 all-time DXCC entities. If you're not interested in now-deleted DXCC entities, uncheck the Include deleted DXCC entities box, and the table will be filtered to show only rows for each of the 339 current DXCC entities. If you wish to see only entities you haven't yet worked, then leave the Unworked box checked, and uncheck the Worked, Requested, Confirmed, and Verified boxes. Set the Band selector to 80M, and you'll see only rows for DXCC entities that you haven't worked on 80m. At any time, you can click the All button to restore the table to showing rows for all 401 all-time DXCC entities.

If you click on a row in the Award Progress table, the Progress Details table at the bottom of the tab will show your band-mode progress with the DXCC entity associated with that row.

The Award Progress panel is live: double-clicking a cell will filter the Log Page Display to show all QSOs with the row's DXCC entity and the column's band or mode.

Generating a Progress Report

To display a summary of your DXCC award progress, click the Award Progress panel's Summary button. To generate a printable progress report listing all DXCC entities displayed in the Award Progress panel, click the Report button.

You can also generate a DXCC progress report by clicking the Progress button in the DXCC, Challenge, & TopList panel on the Configuration window's Check Progress tab. This report considers all QSOs in the Log Page Display. Thus you can optionally filter the Log Page Display before generating the progress report to answer questions like "what DXCC entities have I worked while the solar flux index was below 100?".

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