Enabling an External Device like an Antenna Tuner or Amplifier to Track the Primary Transceiver's Frequency via Commander's Secondary CAT Port

You can configure Commander's Secondary CAT port to provide continuous frequency updates to an external device that expects to be connected to your transceiver's CAT interface so that it can passively monitor the transceiver's frequency. If you switch among multiple primary transceivers, this approach will enable the device to track the current primary transceiver's frequency.

In the Secondary CAT Serial Port panel on the Config window's Ports tab,

  1. set the CAT protocol selector to specify a protocol the device can monitor; given a choice, Kenwood is recommended

  2. set the Port# selector to the COM port to which the device is attached

  3. set the Baud selector to the device's baud rate

  4. set the Word selector to the device's word length (usually 8)

  5. set the Parity selector to to the device's parity (usually None)

  6. set the Stop selector to to the device's stop bits (1 for most devices)

  7. set the DTR selector to Off

  8. set the RTS selector to Off

  9. click the Follow Primary button

  10. check the Update every 200 ms box

  11. check the Enable box

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