Configuring DXKeeper for Interaction with

The following steps assume that you plan to confirm all newly made QSOs via using your PC's internet connection, and that you are making QSOs using one operator callsign from one operating location:

  1. Open the Main window and select the QSL tab

  2. Click the QSL Config button; the DXKeeper QSL Configuration window will appear

  3. In the DXKeeper QSL Configuration window, select the tab

    1. click the Update button; DXKeeper's eQSL Account window will appear

      1. set the Username textbox to your username

      2. set the Password textbox to your password

      3. click the OK button

    2. leave the QTH Nickname textbox empty

    3. set the Maximum time difference... textbox to 15

    4. if you want DXKeeper to automatically upload each QSO in real-time to when you log it via the Capture window, then check the Upload each QSO logged via the Capture window to box; otherwise, uncheck this box

    5. check the Initialize eQSL Sent to 'R' for each logged or imported QSO box

    6. uncheck the Don't upload QSOs..." box

    7. uncheck the Prompt the user to specify a file..." box

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