Checking DXCC Award Progress via the LotW Web Site (tnx to Rich VE3KI)

On the LoTW web site, select Awards and then your DXCC account. You should see a table that has columns called Award, Selected, Applied, Awarded and Total/Current. The entries in the Awarded column are the number of DXCC entities you already have Verified (in DXKeeper terminology) by the ARRL for that award (these include both cards and LoTW). The entries in the Applied column are the number of DXCC entities you have in any pending applications - in DXKeeper terminology these are Submitted LoTW QSLs. The entries in the Selected column are the number of DXCC entities that LoTW has determined that you have confirmed QSLs for but you have not yet applied to have credited to your DXCC account. These are candidate choices for your next application.

If you click on the name of the award in the left column, you can see links to the actual QSLs. Selected QSLs (confirmed only, not yet submitted) are in normal typeface and Applied (submitted) QSLs are in italics. If you have selected All credits instead of Pending credits, you will also see the Awarded (Verified) QSOs in bold face.

If you click on an individual QSL, you can see QSO details. If the QSO was verified by a card, all you will see is the call sign, country, date, mode and band. If there is a LoTW QSL for that QSO, you will see the other information that is in the LoTW QSL record.

Now return to the view from Your QSOs. If the QSL has already been verified, you will see the name(s) of the award(s) it has been applied to in the right-hand column. If the QSL is what LoTW calls Selected, i.e. it is only confirmed but LoTW has determined that submitting it could contribute to your DXCC progress for an award, then it will be marked with a black check mark.

If you have more than one QSL that could be used for the same country and award, you may see others with empty check boxes beside them. If you prefer, you can check one of these boxes and click on Submit DXCC Credit Changes to select different QSOs. You can use this to make your LoTW submission align with the QSOs that DXKeeper has selected, for example.

You can also use it to optimize a submission. For example, suppose you have OY verified on 20m CW only (from a card), and you have LoTW QSLs for 15m CW, 15m RTTY and 20m RTTY. Further suppose that LoTW has selected 2 QSL: the 20m QSL for RTTY and the 15m CW QSL for 15m. If you check the 15m RTTY QSL and submit this change, now the same award credits are acheived with only one QSL selected, saving 15 cents.

If a red check mark is present and letting the mouse cursor hover over that red check mark produces a popup saying Applied, it is believed that this means that you have applied to have that QSO credited, but the application has not yet been processed. It is further belived that when your application and the cards submitted with it have been received and your initial application has been processed, those red check marks will change to the names of the awards to which those QSLs apply. However, in the Awards view they will not change from Applied (in italics) to Awarded (in bold face) until after your cards are actually entered into the database. There can be a multi-month wait between initial processing of the application and entry of the data from the cards into the database. If you visit

you can see a list of applications that are currently in this state (intially processed but awaiting entry of the data from the cards into the database).

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