Changing Frequency with a Wheeled Mouse

If you have a wheeled mouse, you can QSY your transceiver by rotating the mouse's wheel whenever Commander's Main window is active; to activate the Main window, simply click somewhere within its borders.

When you first rotate the wheel after starting Commander, a cyan-colored horizontal bar will appear over the right-most digit in the primary VFO panel's frequency display; this indicates the rotating the mouse wheel will adjust the transceiver frequency in units of 10 Hz. Clicking the mouse on any other digit position in the VFO panel's frequency will shift the cyan horizontal bar to that digit position, indicating that subsequent mouse wheel rotation will adjust the transceiver frequency in the units of that digit position.

If inadvertent mousewheel rotation is problematic, check the Ignore Mousewheel box on the Configuration window's General tab and Commander will no longer QSY your transceiver when you rotate the mouse's wheel.

Changing Frequency

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