Establishing Additional Accounts


This procedure is for users who already have an account but want to create additional accounts for previous callsigns or because of a change in QTH. It will create a new attached account for your new call or QTH. Attached accounts share award credits, donations and provide easy switching between accounts without the need to log off and on again.

If you don't already have an account, please follow the procedure at Establishing an Initial account

Note: every account has a start date and an end date. Two accounts can only have same name if their start dates and end dates do not overlap.


  1. Log on to your existing account.
  2. If you will no longer be making submitting QSOs to your existing account,
    1. go to "My Profile"
    2. change the Callsign/QTH end date to the date of the last contact you made from that QTH or using that callsign.
    3. save your profile.
  3. Right click here and select "Open in new window" to open "My Accounts" at while keeping this page open for reference.

  4. In the form at the bottom of the page change the call or QTH information as needed and set the start date to the first date that you will operate from your new QTH or using your new call. Check the information carefully because if there are already cards waiting for the new account you may have difficulty changing it later.
  5. Click Create New

Common Problems

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