Adding a New DXCC Entity

Example using Swain's island, whose country code is 515 but whose DXCC prefix has not yet been chosen:

  1. terminate SpotCollector and DXKeeper if either is running

  2. type KH8SI in the DXView's Main window's Search panel, and then strike the Enter key
  3. click the Main window's DXCC button (bottom-middle); the "DXView DXCC Database" window will appear, with the "American Samoa" with Location "Swain's Island" displayed. In this window
    1. change the Entity Name to Swain's Island
    2. change the Country Code to 515
    3. change the Entity Prefix to KH8S (this is a guess; you'll have to change this and modify your logged QSOs later if the ITU makes a different choice)
    4. set the Start Date to 2006-07-22
    5. in the Database Version panel, check the "Flag new as modified" box
    6. click the Save button
    7. click the reTable button (this takes a few minutes)
  4. close the DXView DXCC Database window
  5. in DXView's Main window, type KH8SI in the Search panel and strike the Enter key; DXView should display the Entity as Swain's Island
  6. Start DXKeeper
    1. select the Main window's Check Progress tab, and click the Recompute button; this will rebuild the DXCC progress table in the currently open Log to include an entry for Swain's Island

    2. modify any valid QSOs with Swain's Island stations to have a DXCC entity of Swain's Island (use the Entity selector in the Aux panel on the Main window's Log QSOs tab)
    3. repeat steps 6a and 6b for each of your active logs (if you have more than one).

7. Start SpotCollector

  1. on the Configuration window's Spot Database tab, click the Recomputation panel's Recomp button

  2. With the DXCC database updated, SpotCollector will now properly flag Swain's Island spots as needed. Without a KH8S.wav file, however, Joe DX's announcement will lack an entity name; you can record your own temporary KH8S.wav file if you like, and place it in SpotCollector's Sounds folder.

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