Tracking Progress Towards an Award with a User-defined Item: POTA

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DXKeeper provides 8 user-defined items that can be recorded with each QSO. This article describes how to configure a user-defined item to track progress towards an award and generate a progress report for that award, using POTA (Parks on the Air) as an example.

Configuring a user-defined item

On the Configuration window's User Items tab, choose an unused row, and

  1. set the Caption to POTA

  2. set the Style selector to Upper Alphanumeric

  3. set the Align selector to L

  4. leave the Init box unchecked

  5. leave the ADIF box unchecked

  6. leave the Default textbox empty

In the Progress Report Generation panel at the bottom of the Configuration window's User Items tab, check the Enable box in the row associated with the user-defined item you choose. Since neither eQSL nor LoTW confirmations are needed for POTA awards, leave those boxes unchecked.

Logging award information in a user-defined item

Drag the Capture window's lower border downward so that your user-defined item is visible:

After entering a callsign and striking the tab key, populate the POTA user-defined item with your QSO partner's POTA code:

To log the QSO, click the Log button in the Capture window's lower-right corner.

Generating a Progress Report from award information logged in a user-defined item

To generate a progress report for POTA,

  1. In the Other progress reports panel on the Main window's Check Progress tab, click the User button

  2. in the User Item Progress Report Selector window that appears,

    1. click the button to the left of the word POTA

    2. click the Generate Progress Report button

DXKeeper will generate a POTA progress report from all QSOs in the Log Page Display, and then display that progress report for your review. Note that if you filter the Log Page Display beforehand - with a date range, for example - the generated progress report will only contain QSOs in that date range.

Finding Active Stations with Needed POTA Tags

SpotCollector provides a POTA field in each Spot Database Entry that it populates with POTA tags that it encounters in incoming spot notes. If a needed POTA tag is active, you can setup a filter to determine when and where.

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