Capturing a Window's Image

Sometimes, the best way to convey a problem or suggestion is by submitting a screen capture -- an image of an application's window. To do this,

  1. run the application MSPaint, which is provided with Windows

  2. click in the title bar of window whose screen capture you wish to construct
  3. while depressing your keyboard's ALT key, strike your keyboard's Print Screen key (it might be abbreviated Prt Scr or similar)

  4. In MSPaint,
    1. activate the Edit menu's Paste entry -- you should now see an image of the application window in MSPaint

    2. activate the File menu's Save As entry, and save the the image to a file (leave the Save as type selector at 24-bit bitmap)

  5. to convey the screen capture, attach the file you saved in step 4b to an email message to

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