Reviewing Confirmations That Have Been Requested But Not Yet Received

DXKeeper's Card Aging function generates a report of confirmations that have been requested by an outgoing QSL card, are needed to advance your DXCC, IOTA, VUCC, WAS, WAZ, and WPX award progress, but have not yet been received. For each outstanding confirmation, the report shows its callsign, band, mode, QSO date, DXCC prefix, grid squares, US State, QSL Date, age (the time that's passed since the confirmation was requested), and the awards for which the confirmation is needed.


In the QSL Aging panel on the Configuration window's Reports tab,

  1. clear the Expiration age (in weeks) box

  2. set the Optional report item selector to QSL_SENT_VIA

Generating an Aging report

In the lower-left corner of the Main window's Check Progress tab, click the Card Aging button.

Marking Long-unconfirmed QSOs as Expired

If you set a QSO's QSL_Rcvd, LotW_Rcvd, and eQSL_Rcvd items to X (for eXpired), DXKeeper's award tracking mechanisms will ignore the QSO, but the logged QSO will remain in place; such QSOs are referred to as Expired. If a confirmation subsequently arrives for an Expired QSO, simply change the appropriate item from X to Y.

You can configure the Aging report to automatically set the QSL_Rcvd, LotW_Rcvd, and eQSL_Rcvd items to X in any needed QSO for which a QSL card has been outstanding for more than a specified duration. Specify this duration (in weeks) in the Expiration age box in the QSL Aging panel on the Configuration window's Reports tab.

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