Tracking Maidenhead Field and Grid Award Progress

Generating textual reports

Displaying status on the DX Atlas world map

  1. In the DX Atlas panel on the World Map tab of DXView's Config window,

    1. select the Enable button so that the DX Atlas map is visible

    2. check the Upgrade Grid Status box

  2. In DX Atlas, enable the display of grid square status by opening the # selector and

    1. toggling the Grid Squares entry to on

    2. checking the Grid visible entry

  3. If desired, filter DXKeeper's Log Page Display to contain QSOs for a particular band or mode

  4. On the Log QSOs tab of DXKeeper's Main window, click the Plot button

Zoom out in DX Atlas to see Maidenhead Field status; zoom in to see status for individual grid squares.

The Grid.cfm and Grid.wkd files that DXView generates are created in DXView's DXAtlas folder.

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