Correcting a "No matching QSO in Log" error

If invoking the Sync LotW QSOs or Sync LotW QSLs operation produces a no matching QSO in log error message, the logged QSO's callsign, band mode, start time, or station callsign was evidently modified after it was submitted to LotW, or was submitted to LoTW by another application that uploaded information for the QSO that differs from the information logged in DXKeeper. To correct this,

  1. use the callsign, band, mode, start time, and station callsign shown in the error message to locate the likely QSO in your log
  2. determine which of the logged QSO's item(s) was modified after it was uploaded
  3. if the modification was unintentional (see Note below)

    1. click the Edit button (assuming your have the Require Edit to modify logged QSOs box checked on the Configuration window's General tab, as is recommended)

    2. correct the modified item
    3. click the Save button

    4. in the Log Page Display, right-click the entry for this QSO and select the Update from LotW menu item

The information reported by LotW should now enable DXKeeper to locate the logged QSO and update its LotW QSL Rcvd item to Y.

Note: If after uploading a logged QSO to LotW you modified one or more of its items to correct an error and then re-uploaded the modified QSO to LotW, the first upload may create a QSO in LotW that

Such QSOs, referred to as zombies, are annoying because they generate no matching QSO in log error messages when reported to DXKeeper by LotW, but are otherwise harmless.

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