Installing a DXLab Application on Windows Vista

DXLab applications will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows Vista. By default, Vista prevents applications from modifying files that reside anywhere within protected folders:

To install or run a DXLab application within these protected folders, you must override this prohibition by logging into the Vista account named Administrator; you must also log into this account before running a DXLab application installed within a protected folder on Vista. If you install DXLab outside the protected folders listed above, you can install and run DXLab applications while logged into a Standard account; you may be prompted for an Administrator password during installation.

In Vista, the phrase Administrator account has two independent meanings, and is thus ambiguous. There are two kinds of user accounts, Administrator and Standard. A user account of kind Administrator has more privileges than a user account of kind Standard, but not enough privileges to install or run a DXLab application in a protected folder. There is also a unique account named Administrator; logging into this account provides the privilege required to install and run a DXLab application in a protected folder.

The account whose name is Administrator won't initially appear in the User Accounts Control Panel because it is disabled by default. The procedure to enable this account so you can login with its privileges depends on the version of Vista you're using:

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