Generating a CQ DX Marathon Submission

To specify the one objective for which you wish to generate a submission, click the Year, Class, & Category button in the the Marathon Bands & Modes panel on the Configuration window's Awards tab. In the Marathon Year, Class, Category, and Submission Information window that appears,

To generate a submission for the Marathon objective specified in the Marathon Year, Class, Category, and Submission Information window, click the Submission button in the CQ DX Marathon panel on the Main window's Check Progress tab. DXKeeper will generate two files it DXKeeper's Reports folder:

  1. a Submission file in XML format that you can upload using the online Marathon Submission Tool

  2. a Submission file in text format that shows
    • the claimed score for the submitted objective
    • the lowest risk of each submitted country and zone (for Challenge class, by band)
    • the QSO submitted for each country and zone


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