Generating an IOTA Submission

DXKeeper can automatically choose the minimal set of confirmed QSOs to submit to IOTA for award credit.

In preparation for generating a submission, backup your log by clicking the Backup button in the Configuration window's Log tab.

Display the IOTA Submission window by clicking the Submission button in the IOTA panel on the Main window's Check Progress tab; in this window,

  1. assemble a submission by clicking the Assemble Submission button; DXKeeper will inspect each of your confirmed QSOs, and promote those to be submitted by setting their IOTA vfy items to S.

  2. create a Submission Report report by clicking the Create Submission Report button.

  3. review the Submission Report; if necessary, you can manually remove a QSO from the submission -- for example, a QSO with a station not yet approved by RSGB -- by clearing its IOTA vfy item. If you perform any manual modifications, return to step 2 before proceeding.

  4. sort your QSL cards in the order shown on the Submission Report.
  5. send your Submission Report and QSL cards to RSGB
  6. when you receive a response from RSGB, check to see if any of the QSLs you submitted were rejected; if so, manually change the associated QSOs' IOTA vfy items to I (for invalid).

  7. click the Verify Submission button to promote the rest of the QSOs in your submission to verified by setting their IOTA vfy items to V.

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