Downloading Card Images en Masse

To direct to download Card Images for all QSOs in the Log Page Display

  1. Filter the Log Page Display to contain the QSOs whose eQSL images you want to download. To download eQSL images for all QSOs in your Log, click the X button in the Filter panel at the bottom of the Main window's Log QSOs tab.

  2. On the QSL Configuration window's eQSL tab, set the eQSL image folder pathname in the eQSL images panel to the folder into which your eQSL card images will be downloaded; note that subsequently downloaded eQSL images will also be placed in this folder.

  3. on the Main window's QSL tab,

    1. set the QSL Via panel to

    2. in the operations panel, click the Download Images button; this step can take a awhile, depending upon the number of QSO images that will be downloaded.

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