Configuring WinWarbler for CW Operation

  1. on the Configuration window's CW tab

    1. set the Xcvr mode selector to CW

    2. set the CW offset (hz) to 0 (or leave the box empty)

    3. set the Default TxPwr to the power (in watts) you'll use when operating in CW

      a.check the display xmit/rcv characters box

    4. in the Keyboard mode panel

      • uncheck the auto start and auto stop boxes (explore these later)

      • select character (if you are using an amplifier, word is more appropriate)

    5. in the PTT panel

      • check the assert PTT during CW box

      • if you aren't using an amplifier, set the lead time and lag time to 0; if you are using an amplifier, set these as necessary to prevent hot switching

    6. set the Keying panel as required by the CW connection

    7. in the Weight panel

      • set dot to 1

      • set dash to 3

      • set element space to 1

      • set character space to 3

      • set word space to 7

    8. in the Cut numbers panel, check the use cut #s in macros box if you want number transmitted by macros to be sent in abbreviated form (e.g. N instead of 9)

  2. on the Main window,

    1. set the Operating Mode panel to CW

    2. in the CW transmit panel

      • check the PTT box

      • uncheck the tunebox

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