Recovering Lost QSOs from Club Log

If you have lost QSOs from your log due to inadvertent deletion or a failure in your PC's hardware or software but were previously uploaded to Club Log, you can restore these QSOs by downloading from Club Log. The information for each QSO that is recoverable from Club Log is documented here.

To recover lost QSOs from Club Log,

  1. make a backup of your current log (Config window, Log tab, Backup button)

  2. At the bottom of the Main window's Check Progress tab, click the Clear Select button

  3. Follow these instructions to download an ADIF file containing QSOs from Club Log

  4. On the Import QSOs tab of DXKeeper's Main window,

    1. set the ADIF style options panel to Standard ADIF

    2. check the Set Select in imported QSOs to Y box

    3. if your Log contains any QSOs, check the Check duplicates on import box, and set its range to 1 minute; note that this will significantly increase the duration of step 4.e below

    4. uncheck all other boxes in the Options panel unless you have need of them

    5. click the Start button in the lower-left corner, and use the ADIF import window that appears to select the ADIF file that you downloaded in step 3 above

  5. in the Filter panel at the bottom of the Main window's Log QSOs tab, click the Sel button to filter the Log Page Display to show the QSOs you recovered from Club Log

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