PropView Defects

Number Description Version corrected
1 fails with "runtime error" when operated in European locales 1.0.2
2 fails with "runtime error" if DXView is not installed 1.0.5
3 improperly initializes TX Latitude and Longitude if DXView is installed 1.0.6
4 fails to display 2-digit dates on Solar History display 1.0.8
5 re-installing in a different folder causes "can't find IonCAP folder" error 1.1.0
6 characters identifying bands in prediction display are partially obscured 1.1.1
7 fails when transmit power exceeds 32,767 watts 1.1.7
8 fails to start IONCAP (reported on one system) 1.1.9
9 accelerate startup acknowledgement to the DXLab Launcher 1.2.1
10 add tooltips and documentation for solar position displays 1.2.3
11 eliminate errorlog.txt entry when PropView is started from a folder in which the IONCAP sub-folder is not present 1.3.0
12 only update the sunrise/sunset display when a forecast is generated 1.3.0
13 correct error in BeaconModule.DisplaySchedule when schedule wraps 1.3.1
14 reduce the lower bound on solar flux to 64.7 1.3.8
15 don't emit transceiver commands unless Beacon Monitoring is enabled 1.4.0
16 ensure that prefix is updated if DXView is running 1.4.1
17 properly initialize the Solar Flux from SpotCollector (if running) 1.4.2
18 create correct ICEPAC and VOACAP driver files when running on a PC whose regional options are not set to English 1.4.4
19 if running on a 64-bit system, don't offer IONCAP as an option; if IONCAP was selected during the previous operating session, change the forecasting engine to ICEPAC and notify the user 1.4.9
20 handles the situation where the NOAA 45-day solar forecast has not been updated in more than 24 hours 1.5.2
21 refuse to start if another instance is already running 1.5.3
22 if the Beacon monitor is enabled, checking the Beacon Monitor's QSY box should place the transceiver into CW mode with split enabled, and unchecking the Beacon Monitor's QSY box should disable the transceiver's split 1.5.5
23 the use of Frequency-dependent Settings should not change the TakeOff and Power settings in the "Your Station" panel used when Frequency-dependent Settings are disabled 1.5.6
24 correctly handle power level below 100 watts in VOACAP and ICEPAC forecasts 1.5.6
25 incorporate new version of ICEPAC that eliminates sporadic failure due to an uninitialized variable 1.5.8
26 ensure that the description of the propagation prediction fits on one line by moving the date to a separate line 1.5.9
27 properly display the names of DXCC entities that include an ampersand 1.5.9
28 don't require "Frequency-dependent Settings" to be enabled in order to highlight the band of a prediction initiated from another application for a specified frequency 1.6.5
29 properly compute distance when "long path" is selected 1.6.9
30 when generating a forecast using ICECAP or VOACAP in a non-English locale, properly specify the power 1.6.9
31 don't generate a forecast if the DX latitude or longitude are invalid  1.7.0
32 improve the accuracy of longpath distance calculations 1.7.0
33 check the validity of the Availability setting 1.7.0
34 prevent "could not open file = ssscript.txt" errors 1.7.5
35 limit SNR predictions to the range of 2-30 MHz 1.7.6
36 SNR predictions generated in response to commands from other applications should use the correct azimuths 1.7.6
37 reject an SNR prediction request if one is already in progress 1.7.7
38 reject an SNR prediction request that doesn't specify a frequency 1.7.9
39 use separate batch files for shortpath and longpath SNR predictions from other applications so Windows has time to close files 1.7.9
40 prevent "could not open file = ssscript.txt" errors with separate SP and LP scripts 1.8.0
41 retry on failure to open .bat file 1.8.0
42 add a 100 ms wait between creating an SNR script file and initiating VOACAP 1.8.1
43 verify that VOACAP has terminated after being directed to generate an SNR prediction 1.8.2
44 prevent an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated in IONCAPModule.SpecifySNRAntennaSystem by an invalid power specification 1.8.3
45 remove unnecessary inter-step delays in SNR prediction 1.8.3
46 when restoring a window's position with "use multiple monitors" enabled, properly determine whether or not the window can be displayed on a physical monitor 1.8.4
47 when deleting or opening a batch or script file, retry if failures are encountered 1.8.4
48 increase SNR forecast generation timeout to 30 seconds 1.8.5
49 ignore invalid frequencies reported by Commander 1.8.8
50 interpret propagation prediction requests from other applications as "predict from" and label the resulting forecast accordingly 1.8.8
41 inform the user when an invalid power level or takeoff angle is specified 1.8.9
42 eliminate handle leak 1.9.4
43 On the Main window''s Parameters tab, correct tooltips in the "Your Station" panel's "Man-made noise level" sub-panel 2.0.1
44 prevent incorrect widening of critical frequency plot lines 2.0.1



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