Simultaneously Decoding a RTTY Station Operating Split and Its Pileup

WinWarbler incorporates two independent RTTY decoders: the MMTTY engine and the 2-Tone engine. If your transceiver includes a Subreceiver, you can connect the Main receiver's audio output to your soundcard's left input channel, and the Subreceiver's audio output to your soundcard's right input channel. If you then configure one engine to decode your soundcard's left channel, and the other engine to decode your soundcard's right channel, you can simultaneously copy a RTTY station operating split while tuning the pileup to determine where best to call. The 2-Tone engine is "receive only", so the MMTTY engine's AFSK or FSK output alone will handle RTTY transmission.

The instructions below configure WinWarbler for use with an Icom IC-7800, whose Main and Subreceiver audio outputs can be directed to backpanel ACC-A and ACC-B connectors via CI-V instructions contained in WinWarbler macros.

  1. Add the command <xcvrcommand: FEFE6AE01A05002400FD> to WinWarbler's RTTY startup macro; this directs the IC-7800 to route Main receiver audio output to ACC-B

  2. Define a Main macro with these commands: <tunefreq: rx><xcvrcommand: FEFE6AE01A05002300FD><xcvrsplit: off><xcvrcommand: FEFE6AE007C0FD>

  3. Define a Dual macro with these commands: <tunefreq: tx><xcvrcommand: FEFE6AE01A05002301FD><xcvrcommand: FEFE6AE01A05002400FD><xcvrsplit: on><xcvrcommand: FEFE6AE007C1FD>

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