Constructing and Invoking Macros

Constructing a CQ macro

  1. While depressing the CTRL key, click the button in the upper-left corner of the Macros panel on WinWarbler's Main window; WinWarbler's Macros window will appear

  2. in WinWarbler's Macros window,

    1. type CQ into the F5 title box

      b. type <start>cq cq cq de <mycall> <mycall> <mycall> k<stop> into the F5 contents box

  3. click the X button in the 'Macros window's upper-right corner to close this window

Within a macro, a word enclose by angle brackets, like <start> denotes a command. Some commands, like <start>, initiate an action -- in this case, starting transmission. Other commands, like <mycall>, are referred to as substitution commands because they are replaced -- in this case, with the callsign specified in the station callsign box on the Config window's General tab. A full list of action commands and substitution commands is available via []

[:Operation:Getting Started with CW, Phone, PSK, and RTTY Operation]

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