Getting Started with Kachina Transceiver Control

  1. start the Kachina control application provided with your Kachina

    1. select Station Settings from the Special menu

    2. set the Interface To Other Logbooks function to On

    3. a control file named kc505_nn.dat will be created, where nn is the serial port number

  2. run Commander, and click the Config button on its Main window to open its Configuration window

  3. in Commander's Configuration window, select the General tab and then in the Radio panel

    1. set the Model selector to Kachina

    2. select the Control File created by your Kachina control application in step 3c above

    3. on the Configuration window's General tab,
    4. check the Continuous Frequency and Mode Interrogation box

    5. set the Continuous Frequency and Mode Interrogation interval to 200 ms

  4. On Commander's Main window
    1. the VFO panel should reflect changes you make to your radio's frequency via its front panel

    2. the Mode panel should reflect changes you make to your radio's mode via its front panel

    3. Modifying the VFO panel's frequency display contents and striking the Enter key will radio's primary VFO to the specified frequency; see Changing Frequency for information about the other ways you can change transceiver frequency from the VFO panel

    4. Clicking the Mode panel's buttons should change your transceiver's mode; see Changing Mode for additional information

    5. Clicking the Bandspread button will display a Bandspread window; see Bandspread Window for additional information.

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