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== If Something Isn't Working Correctly == == If a DXLab Application Isn't Working Correctly ==

If a DXLab Application Isn't Working Correctly

If one of your DXLab applications seems to not be working correctly, please don't panic. In particular, do not attempt to uninstall and then re-install the application, or to delete files you believe may be responsible, or to re-upload all of your QSOs to eQSL or LotW; these actions can create larger problems than the one you're confronting.

If the Title Bar of the DXLab applications contains a see errorlog... message, see Errorlogs.

If a DXLab application is slow to start or runs slowly or can't access the internet even though your web browser can do so, see Applications that can Interfere with DXLab Applications

If the application was previously working correctly but now isn't, see these instructions. Otherwise post a message on the DXLab Discussion group that includes

  • a description of the incorrect behavior
  • a description of the behavior you expected
  • steps to reproduce the problem (if known, and not obvious from the behavioral descriptions)
  • the versions of the DXLab applications you're running (these are displayed in the title bar of each application's Main window)
  • the flavor of Windows you're running
  • an indication of whether an errorlog.txt file is present in the application's folder
  • your first name and callsign

If you haven't joined the DXLab Discussion group, you'll likely get a faster response by joining and posting a message there.

Post a question or suggestion on the DXLab Discussion Group

Getting Started with DXLab

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