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Installing the DXLab Launcher

At http://www.dxlabsuite.com/download.htm click the First Time Install button. When the following window appears, click its Run button:


If the this window or one like it should appear, click its Run button:


Note that there are several DXLab applications that will run individually, or cooperatively. You may install one or more, but it's recommended that you start with one until you become familiar with it, then add another according to your needs. Click OK to proceed.

Be sure no other programs are runnning and click OK.

Make your selections by checking the appropriate boxes, and click Install. The "Getting Started" screen is especially helpful, so be sure to check it.

Click Continue.

Click OK to proceed.

  • The "Getting Started..." screen.

This is the DXLab Launcher Main screen. Let's install DXKeeper by clicking on the "dxk" button.

Click on Yes.

Click on Yes.

This screen indicates DXKeeper is downloading, which may take a few minutes... depending on the speed of your connection. When it's finished, click on OK.

When it finishes, click OK.

Click on OK.

Click on the large button with the PC Icon.

Click on Continue.

Good news. Click on OK.

Again, click on OK.

You are returned to Launcher's Main page. Additional applications may be installed by clicking the individual application buttons. A comprehensive list of features and their operation is available by clicking the Help button.

[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dxlab/post Post a question or suggestion on the DXLab reflector]

[:InstallingDXLabApplications:Installing DXLab Applications]

[:GettingStarted:Getting Started with DXLab]

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