DXLabLauncher Defects

Number Description Version corrected
1 Enable checkbox tooltips are incorrect 1.0.3
2 starting all applications simultaneously can cause startup failures - wait until one application starts before starting its successor 1.0.4
3 can't start non-DXLab applications 1.1.3
4 minimizing and restoring is unreliable 1.1.3
5 Launch.GetVersion generates an errorlog.txt entry when an application has no version 1.2.0
6 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry when a program filename contains nothing but blank characters 1.2.3
7 if an application fails to launch within 60 seconds, reset its status to "stopped" 1.2.3
8 message reporting the failure of an application to minimize reports the timeout as 600 seconds rather than 60 seconds 1.2.5
9 use HTTP format filenames when invoking the browser on a help file 1.2.8
10 install and register MSINET.OCX 1.2.9
11 create a new workspace whose name contains a drive specifier generates an errorlog.txt entry instead of an error message  1.3.2
12 correctly delete a workspace 1.3.5
13 gracefully handle download and unzip failures during upgrades 1.3.6
14 display pathnames for non-DXLab applications (regression in 1.3.5) 1.3.7
15 Configuration window loses available release info when closed and re-opened 1.3.8
16 disable Install/Upgrade buttons until New Release Info has been obtained 1.4.0
17 don't install or upgrade if no distribution site is selected, or if the application's URL is invalid 1.4.1
18 ignore New?, installation, and upgrade requests if an installation or upgrade is already in progress 1.4.2
19 correct Launcher shortcut name in Program list 1.4.3
20 prohibit installation of DXView, DXKeeper, or SpotCollector if any of these three applications are running 1.4.4
21 when upgrading, don't delete the unversioned pathname until the upgrade has been successfully downloaded and unzipped 1.4.5
22 attempting to download a file that does not exist produces an errorlog.txt entry 1.5.0
23 when upgrading the Launcher, renames LauncherAgent.exe prior to executing it so the LauncherAgent can successfully unzip the new Launcher version 1.5.1
24 clicking the Sel button in the Config window's "Other Applications" panel displays the appropriate file selector (rather than an installation folder selector) 1.5.1
25 invalid filenames in a Config window's Program Path textbox do not generate an errorlog.txt entry 1.5.1
26 correctly offer a restore operation when the installed release version is greater than or equal to the available release version 1.5.2
27 if the user declines to install DXView's country maps or SpotCollector's audio files, remove the description of these files from the installation status window 1.5.3
28 prevent modification of entries in the distribution site selector 1.5.3
29 disable Upgrade and Install buttons if available release info has not been acquired 1.5.3
30 automatic update fails will unzip.dll conflict 1.5.5
31 close all windows before terminating for self-upgrade 1.5.6
32 if "LauncherUpdateAgent.exe" is present, use it rather than complaining the LauncherAgent.exe is missing 1.5.6
33 if user declines to install SpotCollector's auxiliary files and an upgrade is required, perform the upgrade 1.5.6
34 after the Terminate button terminates apps, show the "new releases available" message if new releases are available 1.5.6
35 after the Launcher's Main window is restored from minimization, re-establish "always on top" status 1.5.6
36 if the Launcher cannot obtain the "current release info" file, don't attempt to download version 0 1.5.6
37 if directed to upgrade the Launcher and the Windows Registry indicates that the Launcher is not installed, check the Windows Registry again. If the Launcher is not installed, direct the user to terminate and restart the Launcher 1.5.8
38 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being generated by Install.InstallDXViewFiles if the LotW database cannot be downloaded 1.6.0
39 correct defect that prevents a newly-installed application from being automatically upgraded in some circumstances 1.6.0
40 handle the case where the folder c:\program files does not exist 1.6.1
41 correct erroneous "database upgrades are available" message in Config window title bar 1.6.4
42 do not refuse to install an application whose Program Path is unspecified 1.6.4
43 if the specified local file is not present, inform the user rather than generate an errorlog.txt file entry 1.6.6
44 tolerate and report an invalid program path retrieved from the Windows Registry 1.6.6
45 don't allow "Local Folder" to be randomly chosen as the default installation site on initial installation 1.6.8
46 widen the Config window's Update buttons 1.6.9
47 correctly saves double-apostrophes to registry files 1.6.9
48 properly save pathnames embedded as arguments within registry settings 1.7.1
49 update the progress display when starting DXLab applications 1.7.5
50 properly "relocate" the Launcher's settings 1.7.5
51 correctly launch "after DXLab" applications if WinWarbler is enabled for launch 1.7.7
52 update the LauncherUpgradeAgent to enable the Launcher to self-upgrade 1.7.8
53 prevent the Launcher from being started by name as a non-DXLab application 1.7.9
54 eliminate self-registration of WinInet and TabCtl32 controls 1.8.1
55 display current workspace in black font 1.8.1
56 enable the local folder to specify a new release of the Launcher 1.8.2
57 don't announce the starting of an application that is not enabled 1.8.3
58 inform the user when an invalid program pathname is specified rather than generate an errorlog.txt file entry 1.8.5
59 prevent Launch.HandleTerminateTimer: Control array element '1' doesn't exist 1.8.6
60 inform the user if an upgrade can't be completed because the file is in use or write-protected 1.8.7
61 prevent an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated by Install.SiteURL 1.8.8
62 refuse to start if another instance is already running 1.8.8
63 if the Sel button is clicked with an invalid Program Path, inform the user 1.8.9
64 allow selection of both .exe and .bat files 1.9.0
65 correct tooltip on Configuration window's Enable checkboxs for "before" and "after" applications 1.9.1
66 correctly close the Workspaces window 1.9.4
67 when www.dxlabsuite.com can't be accessed, report that this URL can't be accessed instead of reporting that the internet can't be accessed 1.9.8
68 when restoring a window's position with "use multiple monitors" enabled, properly determine whether or not the window can be displayed on a physical monitor 2.0.2
69 when opening the Workspaces window, tolerate a Workspace Folder setting that specifies a pathname that doesn't exist and cannot be created 2.0.7
70 prevent characters from being deleted from the Current Workspace Folder pathname 2.0.9
71 ensures that clicking the workspace name shown on the Main window will display the Workspaces window 2.0.9
72 correctly detect and prevent a PropView installation pathname that is "too deep" for the propagation prediction engines 2.1.1
73 prevent an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated by frmArrange.ArrangementList_MouseMove 2.1.1
74 when installing an application, if the version number is not available, abort the installation and prompt the user to click the New button and 2.1.2
75 if the release info file cannot be accessed, inform the user by displaying a message on the Launcher's Main window 2.1.2
76 make it possible to save a single application's settings in an empty workspace 2.1.2
77 correctly enable and disable the "Save Settings to Workspace" and "Load Settings from Workspace" buttons and set their tooltips as a function of the selected Workspace and the selected Application 2.1.3
78 correctly save settings containing UNC pathnames 2.1.5
79 use GridDXCC and RDA database indices consistent with DXView 2.1.7
80 retracts enhancement 134 - the elimination of UAC prompts 2.1.8
81 enable non-DXLab apps to specify .bat  and .lnk files in their Command Lines 2.2.3
82 make Command Line verification of .exe and .bat files case insensitive 2.2.4
83 enable non-DXLab apps to specify .vxe files in their Command Lines 2.2.4

eliminates multiple "Launcher can't find the Window to terminate..." messages when the Launcher is directed to terminate all enabled applications. 

85 assumes that any non-DXLab application whose pathname does not end in .exe, .bat, .cmd, .lnk, or .vxe does not specify command line arguments, and will be started and terminated accordingly. 2.2.6
86 when terminating a non-DXLab application whose process name includes spaces via the Kill or Force Kill methods, surrounds the process name with double quotes when specifying it in the Taskkill command 2.2.7
87 for non-DXLab applications that specify a Command Line that contains a .exe file as an argument, correctly extracts the process name from the Command Line 2.2.8
88 correctly process escape characters in files saved from the Windows Registry 2.2.9
89 correctly displays release notes when you double-click a version number in the Avail column on Configuration window's "DXLab Apps" tab. 2.3.1
90 correctly displays release notes when you double-click a Launcher version number in the Avail column on Configuration window's "DXLab Apps" tab. 2.3.2



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