Configuring SpotCollector to Send Email or SMS messages Announcing the Creation of New Spot Database Entries for Needed DX Stations

On the Configuration window's eMail tab,

  1. Configure the Outgoing Mail Server panel with the parameters necessary to send an outgoing email message via your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This information is typically provided on your ISP's web site. Here are the settings for popular ISPs:

    • Gmail
      • Outgoing Mail Server Address

        Outgoing Mail Server Address Server requires authentication


        Outgoing Mail Server Address User name

        your Gmail username

        Outgoing Mail Server Address Password

        your Gmail password

        Outgoing Mail Server Address Port number


        Outgoing Mail Server Address SSL encryption required


        Note: if you receive a message from gmail entitled "Sign-in attempt prevented" that says "Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account from an app that doesn't meet modern security standards", you can disable Google's screening as described here.



  1. in the From email address box, type the email address that should appear in the From field of messages sent by SpotCollector

  2. in the To email address box, type the email address to which SpotCollector's messages should be sent.

  3. in the Audio Alarm panel, check the Enable box

  4. click the Test button, and confirm that the tes email message is received

  5. In the Email Alarm trigger panel, select the Needed option and check the Needed includes Unconfirmed as well as Unworked box; as you become more familiar with SpotCollector's capabilities, you may wish to modify these settings later.

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