Enabling Commander to interoperate with the PowerSDR-IF Panadapter and CW Skimmer

de Joe W4TV

This configuration provides simultaneous IF panadapter and [http://www.dxatlas.com/CwSkimmer CW Skimmer] functionality using WU2X's [http://www.wu2x.com/sdr.html PowerSDR-IF Stage panadapter].

  1. Using a [:ConnectedVirtualSerialPortPairs: Connected Virtual Serial Port Pair], connect CW Skimmer's CAT interface to PowerSDR-IF's CAT Control port

  2. Using a second [:ConnectedVirtualSerialPortPairs: Connected Virtual Serial Port Pair], connect PowerSDR-IF's IF Setup port to Commander's Secondary CAT Serial Port.

  3. Configure CW Skimmer's CAT interface for a Rig type of TS-2000 and a Vaud rate of 57600

Configured in this way, CW Skimmer controls PowerSDR-IF, and PowerSDR-IF controls your Primary Transceiver via Commander.


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