Identifying and Logging QSOs with Club Members and other Special Callsigns

SpotCollector's [ Special Callsign List] performs three functions:

  1. identifying callsigns that when spotted should be ignored
  2. identifying callsigns that when spotted should be flagged as a Special Callsign, and specifying one or more tags that should be associated with that callsign and recorded in QSOs logged with that callsign

  3. identifying callsigns whose spots should be ignored

Where the callsigns are members of a club with whom you seek QSOs, one typically uses tags to specify membership numbers.

You can manually enter club member callsigns and tags in the Special Callsigns List on the Configuration window's Special Callsigns tab, or your can load the Special Callsigns List from a text file that specifies a callsign and its tags on each line. Files containing membership lists for popular clubs can be obtained [ here].


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