Establishing an eQSL Account

If this will be your first experience with eQSL.CC please go through the slide tutorial entitled "[ How do eQLs Work?]". Note that eQSL.CC is not an email system, no QSL cards are sent anywhere. Rather data is stored in a database by one person and retrieved from the same database by another person. Thus, It will save you allot of frustration as you go along if you read the tutorial to understand how it works. You can follow the links in that tutorial to complete the registration or return here and follow the steps below.

Note that if you are planning to participate in eQSL.CC as an SWL and you need a unique callsign to use please visit the [ SWARL site] and apply for an SWL callsign.

  1. [ Right click here] and select open in new window so that you can refer back here as you go along.

  2. Enter your amateur or SWL callsign in the box provided, select either "Licensed Amateur" or "SWL" and then click the "Register" button. This will open another form where you will fill out the information that becomes your eQSL profile. Please be sure to select the correct country and State/Province (if applicable) fill out the blanks for ITU and CQ zones and also enter at least a 4 character grid square. These are very important because they determine the award credits that are given to other station for your eQSL's.
  3. Check your entries carefully and when you are sure everything is complete and correct, click "Register". You can now close the new window you opened in step 1.
  4. Within a few minutes you will receive an email from eQSL.CC containing a signup code. If you don't receive it within a few minutes please check your junk mailbox.
  5. After receiving your signup code [ Right click here] and select open in new window again.

  6. Enter your callsign and registration code and in the last box make up a password that you will use to log on with.
  7. Finally, click the "Finish Registration" button and you will be ready to log on using your callsign and the password that you made up yourself.

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