Conducting a DXCC Sprint

de Paul N1BUG

If you decide to see how many DXCC entities you can work for a particular time interval, or your DX Club conducts a competition along those lines, you can configure DXLab to identify new DXCC entities with this procedure:

  1. terminate all DXLab applications except the DXLab Launcher, and direct the Launcher to save all settings to your current Workspace; if you haven't yet created a Workspace, direct the Launcher to create one and then save all setting to it
  2. On the Log tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window, create a new log file and direct DXKeeper to open it

  3. Configure DXKeeper for your DXCC objectives during the Sprint
  4. On the Spot Database tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window,

    1. set the Log file referenced for award progress panel to use the new log file you referenced in step 2

      b. click the Recomputation panel's Recomp button

SpotCollector will now highlight as needed for DXCC any station not yet worked during the interval according to the DXCC objectives you've specified.

At the completion of the Sprint,

5. Operate for X number of hours/days.

6. Export all QSOs in the log created in step 1.

7. Direct DXKeeper to open my normal log and import the contacts exported in step 6.

8. Direct SpotCollector to reference my normal log for awards progress.

9. Direct SpotCollector do do a Recomp.

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