Configuring DXKeeper for Interaction with


DXKeeper can interact directly with in three different ways:

  1. Create and upload an ADIF (Amateur Data Interchage Format) file to
  2. Automatically upload QSO data to in near real time when you log QSO's via the Capture window.
  3. Synchronize your DXKeeper log with by downloading the contents of your Inbox and Archive, marking the eQSL received field of all matching QSO's with a Y and setting the date received to the current date.

If you have more that 2 or 3 QSO's to upload you will want to use method 1 to bring your eQSL Outbox up to date. If you have an always on Internet connection such as Cable, DSL, Satellite or WISP you will probably find method 2 very convenient for keeping your eQSL Oubox up to date automatically as you log QSO's via the Capture window. Finally you will want to periodically Synchronize your log to keep track of received eQSL's. The sections below describe in detail how to configure and use DXKeeper to perform each of these operations.

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